Stars Rewards - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stars Rewards? How do I join? How do I earn reward points? Why did I win a specific reward out of a Chest? How is the value of my Chest calculated? How do featured rewards work? What determines how many reward points I need to earn to complete my progress bar? Is there any limit on how many Chests I can win? Can I speed up/skip the Chest opening sequence? What’s the difference between the six Chest types? Can I change my Chest to a smaller one? What is StarsCoin? Does StarsCoin expire? Does my progress bar ever expire or reset? Do Chests expire? How often do I get a boost? Do boosts expire if they go unused? What is the percentage reward based on my rake? If I only take part in one type of gaming activity, will I only receive rewards for that activity? Will I be able to keep track of all the Chests I’ve opened and all the rewards I’ve received? What happened to my old VIP Club status? Why am I not receiving ‘X’ reward? Can I opt-out of Stars Rewards?

Last updated April 18, 2018.