Lobby Themes

You can change the desktop lobby theme via a number of options, and to specify how individual areas of the software are presented, such as Cash Games, Zoom or Sit & Go’s, as well as choosing font styles and sizes.

Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Lobby’ where you will see three options: ‘Lobby Display’, ‘Font and Text’ and ‘Tournament Colors’

Table Themes

You can also change the table theme by going to ‘Settings’ > ‘Table Appearance’ > ‘Themes’. Simply choose your favorite Felt Color, Background, Front Deck and Back Deck from the drop-down menus. More information on this is below.  When you are happy, just hit ‘Apply’. You can change the theme as many times as you want.

Change table theme now

Background: When on a table, right click to the side of the playing table to bring up the ‘Change Background’ menu. Choose from a number of pre-installed backgrounds, or click the custom option and then the ‘Browse’ button to enable you to select an image file from your hard drive to use as the displayed background for the table. Once the file is selected, players have the option of displaying the selected image in any of three formats: Stretch, Tile, or Center.

Stretch format: this format will stretch the selected image to fill up the entire window. If ‘Stretch image (keep aspect ratio)’ is selected, the image will be stretched to the limit while remaining in correct proportions and the color selected will be used to fill the remaining space. If ‘Stretch image (keep aspect ratio & crop)’ is selected, the image will be enlarged, in the correct proportion, to the extent that it fills the entire window... akin to zooming in on the image while not necessarily keeping the entire image in the viewable area.

Tile & Center formats: selecting the "Tile" format will result in the chosen image being repeated on the screen to fill up the entire background. The "Center" option will place one copy of the image at the center of the screen with a border in the selected color surrounding the image to fill up any of the background not taken up by the image.

Deck Options: Under ‘Table Appearance’ > ‘Themes’ , players may select a number of decks to display on the table, with options for both the front and back of cards, as well as a choice of colors for the table felt. Each deck has a four-color option for easy identification of suits in play.

Please note that the options described above can only be changed via the desktop client.

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