Table Starters

The new ‘Table Starters’ feature allows players to start playing on Ring Game tables without requiring them to play shorthanded or wait on long waiting lists for existing tables. This is similar to an ‘Interest List’ you would find at a live poker room, targeted toward a specific table type. You can recognize Table Starters by their ‘table’ icon in the left-hand side of the lobby.

Table Starters are available only for selected table types.


Joining a Table Starter

To join a Table Starter, click on it to select it, then click ’Join Table Starter’ in the right-hand side of the lobby.

A buy-in screen will appear, allowing you to specify how much money will be brought to the table when that table begins. At this point funds are not reserved, but players pre-approve to be bought in for a specified amount once the table starts. When a table is started, these players will be automatically seated and play will begin, meaning that some or all players will be posting blinds and/or antes without further confirmation.

Once enough players join the Table Starter who have the pre-approved funds available, the new table will open and players will be randomly seated and bought in for the amounts they previously specified. Blinds and/or antes will be posted promptly but the dealing of cards will not actually start for a few seconds to allow all players to notice the new table starting. Players can end this waiting period early by all clicking a ‘Play Now’ button on the table, after which play proceeds as normal.

Leaving a Table Starter

Please note that when you join a Table Starter you are committing to joining that table and playing a minimum number of 18 hands. If you decide you no longer want to start a new table, make sure to leave that Table Starter from the lobby. To do so, click ‘Unjoin Table Starter’ in the right-hand side of the lobby after selecting a Table Starter you have already joined.

When you log off from the client, you will be automatically removed from any Table Starters you have previously joined.

Leaving the Table Early

As the main goal of Table Starters is to allow players to avoid playing shorthanded when starting a new game, players are expected to play at least 18 hands before leaving the table. The first player to leave a table within the first 18 dealt hands will not be able to use Table Starter functionality for the following 30 minutes.

While it’s understood that players may need to end their sessions unexpectedly from time to time, in such cases players should not be inconvenienced by losing access to Table Starters for 30 minutes.

We also have automatic monitoring for improper behavior, and reserve the right to sanction players who attempt to use Table Starters for purposes other than to play at the newly created tables. More specifically, trying to avoid paying your fair share of blinds or using Table Starters primarily to find favorable opponents is not allowed.

Customizing Table Starters

Before seating players, Table Starters default to waiting until a mostly full table can be created. However, if you are interested in shorthanded play, you can set your own preferences for the minimum number of players to be seated at a newly created table. For example, if four players set their preferences to four players minimum and then join the same Table Starter, a new table will be formed and those four players start playing, leaving the remaining seats open for other players to join. Remaining players in the Table Starter will continue to wait for their requirements to be met for a new table to start.

If you have any more questions about Table Starters, please don’t hesitate to email Support for more information.