Filtering and Sorting Features

We have powerful features on our software to help you better navigate the available games and tournaments. Included here are detailed descriptions and instructions on how to use the system.


Open the desktop software and you will see on the ‘Cash Games’ tab, the ‘Zoom’ tab and the ‘Tournaments’ tab that there is a ‘Game’ filter listing of all our Poker games. This allows you to narrow down your selection to just the games you are looking for. On mobile, access the tabs via the Lobby, and you will be presented with a list of options. Use ‘Game Type’ to choose your favourite

Game Filters

Simply filter as appropriate. For example, to view all types of Hold’em games, select the ‘No Limit Hold’em’ filter (desktop) or ’Hold’em’ (mobile).

You can also filter by stakes through the ‘Buy-in’ tab on desktop, and the ‘Stakes’ tab on mobile, with various options.

It's also possible to hide tables which are full, leaving only tables which are free to join immediately. To do so, simply check the 'Hide full tables' box. You can also select ‘Save Filter’ on desktop, and the software will remember your selections every time you log in.

Tourney Filters

The Tourney, Sit & Go and Online Events tabs work in the same way as the Cash Game and Zoom filters, but have a few extra options.

You can choose the Speed of the tournament - Hyper-Turbo, Turbo, Regular or Slow. For Sit & Go’s, you can also choose the Variant with options like Rebuy, Knockout, Shootout, Satellite and many more.

But perhaps the most powerful filter is the text filter. By entering text into the ‘Find a tournament’ (desktop) or ‘Tournament Name’ (mobile) search box, you can quickly find the tournament you are looking for..

To hide tournaments with certain keywords, simply preface them with a minus (-) sign. For example, to hide Turbo events, simply type '-Turbo'.

If you need further help, feel free to e-mail Support.