Multi-Table Playing Speeds

Playing Speed & Multiple Tables

Players who choose to play multiple ring game tables at once are expected to limit the number of tables they play concurrently to a number at which they can reliably act in a reasonable period of time. While some poker decisions take longer than others, as a matter of courtesy it is inappropriate to frequently keep others waiting due to attention being focused elsewhere.

Players who play more than four ring game tables at a time and take significantly longer on average to act will receive a request to speed up their play. If slow play continues for an additional month after such communication, individual players may be limited to playing fewer tables concurrently.  Players who have their table limits reduced may have them increased again by acting sufficiently faster over a month long period.

Conversely, players who frequently play the maximum allowed 24 tables and act significantly faster than average will be allowed to play more than 24 tables concurrently. 

All reductions and increases in these table limits will be enacted based on our statistics that calculate a player’s average time to act over a month-long period. Table limits are not increased due to player requests. Players wishing to have their limit lowered may do so by emailing Support.