Poker Deposit Bonuses

Please note that this offer is no longer available as of April 17, 2020. You can still take advantage of our £20 Free Play offer when you make your first deposit of £10 or more. Click here for details about this offer.

100% Deposit Bonus for New Players

Make your first real money deposit and we will reward you with a bonus of 100% up to a maximum of £400. All you have to do is enter the code 'STARS400' during the deposit process, and then start playing real money games and tournaments to earn your cash bonus!

How to Get Started

Download the software - The software is free to download and install on your computer or mobile device. Simply click any of the 'Play Poker' buttons on this site and follow the instructions onscreen.

Create an Account - Once you have the software installed, open the game client, select the 'Account' menu, and click 'Create Account'. Next, follow the easy steps to register and validate.

Make your First Real Money Deposit - Open the 'Cashier' and make your deposit with any of the convenient payment methods and currency options.

Make Three Deposits in 60 days

In addition to your initial deposit, you can make up to two more qualifying deposits in 60 days (up to the maximum bonus value). This means you can take even greater advantage of the bonus offer and get the most value from your bonus award. Your bonus is earned when you play real money tournaments and ring games and collect VIP Player Points (VPPs).

Your pending bonus will be released in increments of £10. Each instalment will be credited directly into your Stars Account when you have cleared the required number of VPPs (300 VPPs for each £10 increment). You have a total of four months to earn all the VPPs needed to earn the bonus.

Clearance Rates for Different Currencies

Below are the VPP clearance rates for bonuses in both USD and EUR.*

CurrencyMaximum BonusClearance Rate
USD ($) $600 200 VPPs per $10
EUR (€) €500 250 VPPs per €10

Our First Deposit Bonus Promotion Terms

  1. This promotional offer (“Offer”) requires you to make a minimum deposit of USD $10 or EUR €10 or GBP £10 or CAD $10 up to USD $600 or EUR €500 or GBP £400 or CAD $600 (“Eligible Deposit”) for a chance to receive a bonus amount in relation to your deposit (“Reward”).
  2. To qualify for the Reward, players must: (a) make an Eligible Deposit using the applicable code ‘STARS600’; (b) play on any real money table on the Site within 120 (one hundred and twenty) days (“Relevant Period”)  after making the Eligible Deposit; and (c) collect the requisite redemption points during the Relevant Period.
  3. The amount of Reward that a player can receive will depend on the number of redemption points the player earns during the Relevant Period. Redemption points clearance rates are as follows:
    CurrencyClearance Rate
    USD ($) USD $10.00 for every 180 redemption points
    EUR (€) EUR €10.00 for every 230 redemption points
    GBP (£) GBP £10.00 for every 270 redemption points
    CAD ($) CAD $10.00 for every 180 redemption points
  4. The Reward will be paid out for each USD $10 (or currency equivalent) increment of the Eligible Deposit made.
  5. A Player may make up to 3 (three) Eligible Deposits so as to receive the maximum Reward payable under this Offer provided that all Eligible Deposits: (i) must be made within 60 (sixty) days from the date of the first Eligible Deposit; and (ii) are made using the same code as specified in Clause 2.
  6. If after making their first Eligible Deposit a player activates a separate deposit offer prior to completing any further Eligible Deposits permitted as part of this Offer, then that player must: (i) ensure that all permitted Eligible Deposits for this Offer are conducted within 60 (sixty) days from the date of the first Eligible Deposit; and (ii) fulfil all necessary criteria as set out in these Terms & Conditions.
  7. If a player withdraws any amount after making an Eligible Deposit within 60 days, any subsequent deposits cannot count as Eligible Deposits. However, the player's pre-withdrawal Eligible Deposit continues to be valid, and the player can still collect any reward generated.
  8. For the purposes of this Offer, Eligible Deposits shall exclude:
    1. any real money transfers between players
    2. any type of real money credit such as but not limited to marketing credits, poker school credits  from any of our sites (or any third party site if applicable) or freeroll winnings.
  9. If you do not use the code when making an Eligible Deposit and provided that you fulfil  all applicable terms of this Offer, then:
    1. You must contact Support within 7 (seven) days from the date of your first Eligible Deposit so that your Stars Account can be credited with the relevant Reward; or 
    2. If more 7 (seven) days but less than 3 (three) months have passed from the date of your first Eligible Deposit you may still be credited with the relevant Reward as long as you contact Support before the expiry of the 3 (three) months.

No Reward shall be credited to your player account for a period exceeding 3 (three) months from first Eligible Deposit.

Click here for general Terms & Conditions.

If you have any questions about the First Deposit Bonus, contact Support.