Play tourneys with massive starting stacks every hour!

The Big Stacks is a towering schedule of Play Money tournaments with mountainous starting stacks, available non-stop. Entries for the tourneys range from 100K to 5M chips, and because your starting stack is the same as your buy-in amount, you get plenty of action. Plus, every Big Stack tourney features a guaranteed 50M chip prize pool!

Need chips to play the Big Stacks? There are no satellites to these exclusive tourneys, so you’ll either have to earn the chips or buy them. Play Money chips are available to purchase in a selection of different bundles, including 7.5M for $24.99.

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The Big Stacks Schedule

Tournaments run hourly every day at the times listed below. Each tourney will have a one-hour registration period before it starts, plus a one-hour late registration period. This means you can get your hands on a super-sized stack no matter what time of day!  

To find the Big Stacks and register,  make sure ‘Play Money’ is selected on the platform you are using, and search for ‘Big Stack’.

Time Buy-in/Starting Stack
00:30 ET, 04:30 ET, 08:30 ET, 12:30 ET, 16:30 ET & 20:30 ET 100K
02:30 ET, 06:30 ET, 10:30 ET, 14:30 ET, 18:30 ET & 22:30 ET 250K
01:30 ET, 05:30 ET, 09:30 ET, 13:30 ET, 17:30 ET & 21:30 ET  500K
03:30 ET, 07:30 ET, 11:30 ET, 15:30 ET, 19:30 ET & 23:30 ET 1M
01:45 ET, 05:45 ET, 09:45 ET, 13:45 ET, 17:45 ET & 21:45 ET  5M

Contact Support if you have any questions about how to play the Big Stacks tourneys.