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HighHand™ Blackjack is no longer available on PokerStars Casino.

HighHand™ Blackjack is a game of Multi-Player Blackjack with an additional twist - a mandatory Pot Bet Wager that allows a peer-to-peer pot to be created and awarded at the completion of each hand. Try at PokerStars now, with games available across a range of stakes.

Game Rules

Players attempt to play and win their hand of Blackjack while also competing for the highest hand score amongst the other players and the dealer in order to win the pot (in addition to winning their hand). The pot carries over to subsequent hands if there is no singular high hand on a given game round.

If there is only one player, then no HighHand™ Blackjack Pot Bet wager is required. Once a second player joins the table, all players must play the HighHand™ Blackjack Pot Bet wager.

HighHand™ Blackjack is played using the following Blackjack rules:

  • Dealer receives a hole card but does not peek for Blackjack
  • Six decks
  • Dealer stands on a soft 17
  • Double down on any two cards
  • Double after split allowed
  • Splits one (two hands total)


If you think the dealer is about to hit Blackjack, you can also buy ‘insurance’. This means that should the dealer hit Blackjack, you’ll still be paid 2:1 on your bet. You will be offered insurance if the dealer is dealt an ace. The insurance bet will be settled at the end of the game.

(Approx House Edge is 0.47999%)

HighHand™ Blackjack Pot Bet wager rules:

  • PokerStars will determine the wager amount for the HighHand™ Blackjack Pot Bet wager
  • All players will wager the same amount
  • Dealer will place a button in front of the first player to the dealer’s left
  • The button will move right to the next player after each round, in a regular rotation
  • All players must make the Pot Bet Wager
  • The dealer collects all the pot wagers and places them in the center of the table
  • If the player should split a pair, an additional equal pot wager is required
  • Player cannot hit or double any 21

Awarding the HighHand™ Blackjack Pot

  • The HighHand™ Blackjack pot is independent of the hand and is settled after all Blackjack hands are played out.
  • The pot can only be won by one player; the one with the highest Blackjack value hand
  • Players must play the underlying game to be allowed to play the HighHand™ Blackjack Pot Bet
  • There is no Mid Pot Entry or Re-Entry
  • ‘Blackjack’ and 21 are of equal value when determining the HighHand™ Blackjack Pot winner
  • The HighHand™ Blackjack Pot will roll over into the next round if any of the following events occur during the game
    • A tie between two or more players for the highest hand
    • If a player splits their cards and ties their own hand for the highest hand
    • If the dealer has the highest hand
    • If the dealer ties one or more players for the highest hand
  • To win a HighHand™ Blackjack Pot that rolls over one or more times, players must participate in each pot round to be eligible
  • There is a 3% rake taken from a winning pot

If you have any questions about HighHand™ Blackjack on PokerStars, contact Support.

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